Faculty of Dentistry

Dean's Message 

A healthy life begins with oral and dental health. The mouth and teeth are the gates of the body, so you can think of dentistry as the door opening to medicine. And the key to this door is in the hands of us, dentists. We do not just solve all the dental problems that may be known or unknown to our patients, we also take care of their general well-being, and in the meantime, find remedies for their pain. While taking care of our patients, we are not just dentists; sometimes we become the imagination of an architect, fingers of a sculptor, final touches of a painter, or uplifting words of a psychologist as well. Is there a more blessed profession where patients take the seat crying and leave it with a smile? Dentistry is a profession requiring compassion, patience, knowledge, and skill. It is about being well-educated, and in turn, passing the acquired knowledge on to others. It is even about being a good parent or spouse in the future. Furthermore, it is about being an individual respecting their country and people, valuing their fellow human beings, and appreciating what they have. And there lies our Faculty’s vision, which is to educate prospective modern dentists who are able to use knowledge and technology, and shape the future following in Atatürk’s footsteps. 

As Beykent University’s Faculty of Dentistry, with our fully fledged building, modern equipment, fully equipped laboratories, brand- new,  spotless clinics, and a young, dynamic, genial, and successful academic staff led by experienced academicians, we have begun our educational journey by admitting our first students in the Academic Year 2017 – 2018. We have aimed for the highest with our highly qualified staff. Our education system is designed to allow our students to improve their professional knowledge and skills from the very first year, and proceed to clinical practice within 3 years. The Faculty of Dentistry of Beykent University, latter of which is a long-established institution, will play, with the education it will offer, a key role in its students’ becoming successful dentists with a good career who love their profession. With our academicians, clinicians and all the other staff members, we are proud to contribute to the general health and well-being of our society.


Prof. Bülent KESİM

Deputy Dean of Faculty of Dentistry