Faculty of Dentistry

Department’s Message

The Department of Restorative Dental Treatment specialises in diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of dentition deformities that may be caused by developmental or acquired diseases. Principles of preventive dentistry are taken as basis for treatment and restoration of those deformities, and restoring the function and aesthetics of teeth.

Studies have been carried out on restorative dentistry, cariology, preventive dentistry, and aesthetic dentistry.

In clinical practices, the following procedures have been performed: early diagnosis of cavities and treatment planning, conservative treatment approaches, composite and amalgam restorations, inlay and onlay restorations, cast and fibre post and core procedures, vital and devital bleaching, and composite and ceramic laminate veneer restorations on the frontal surface of teeth.

Asst. Prof. Fatma AYTAÇ BAL

Department of Restorative Dental Treatment