Faculty of Dentistry

Course Subjects and Learning Objectives

Course Outcomes / Learning Objectives

  • Acquire knowledge about healthy and decayed dental tissues, and substance loss in dental tissues caused by cavities, trauma, or other health problems.
  • Recognise and explain restoration techniques.
  • Distinguish between healthy and decayed dentition.
  • Explain cavity preparations, instruments used for cavity preparations, healthy enamel, dentin diseases, anatomical, physical, and histological structure of the tooth and its embryonic development. 

Course Subjects:

  1. Main Principles of Restorative Dental Treatment
  2. Dental Instruments and Tools and Their Sterilization 
  3. Traditional Cavity Preparations and General Rules
  4. Black’s Class I and V Cavity Preparation Rules
  5. Black’s Class II Cavity Preparation Rules
  6. Embryology and Formation of Enamel and Dentin
  7. Histology and Physiology of Enamel and Dentin
  8. Black’s Class III and IV Cavity Preparation Rules
  9. Classification of Filling Materials 
  10. Base Filling Materials and Temporary Filling Materials
  11. Amalgam Filling Material
  12. Composite Filling Material