Faculty of Dentistry

Course Subjects and Learning Objectives

Academic Practices and Course Titles

  1. History of endodontics
  2. Biology of the pulp and periapical tissues
  3. Dental morphologies
  4. Entrance cavities
  5. Tools used in root canal treatment
  6. Cleaning and irrigation of root canals
  7. Biomechanical preparation of root canals
  8. Filling materials for root canals
  9. Complications and success evaluation
  10. Examination methods in endodontic treatment
  11. Preparing the patient for endodontic treatment
  12. Treatment planning and case choice
  13. Endodontic radiology
  14. Digital and advanced technologies in endodontics
  15. Anaesthesia in teeth for endodontic treatment
  16. Isolation of teeth for endodontic treatment
  17. Sterilization in endodontic treatment
  18. Vital pulp treatment and Regenerative Endodontics
  19. Diseases of the pulp and periapical tissue
  20. Endodontic Microbiology
  21. Success and failure criteria in endodontics
  22. Trauma in endodontics
  23. Emergency cases in endodontics
  24. Repeated endodontic treatments

Endodontic Practices

  1. Opening Entrance Cavities in Teeth
  2. Root Canal Length Determination
  3. Shaping and Irrigation of Root Canals
  4. Filling of Root Canals
  5. Pre-restoration Preparations