Faculty of Dentistry

​​​​​​​Course Subjects and Learning Objectives

Dental Radiology Course Titles:

  1. Introduction to Radiology
  2. X-ray Absorption
  3. Biological Effects of and Protection from Radiation 
  4. Dental X-ray Films and Bath, Radiographic Artefacts 
  5. Radiographic Imaging Methods for Teeth and Jaws
  6. Radiographic Images of Anatomical Formations
  7. Radiolucent lesions
  8. Radiopaque lesions
  9. Genetic bone diseases
  10. Digital imaging systems
  11. Advanced Imaging Methods

Oral Diagnosis Course Titles

  1. Anamnesis and Extraoral Examination Methods
  2. Intraoral Examination
  3. Cardiovascular System Diseases
  4. Endocrine Diseases
  5. Disorders of the Immune System 
  6. Bleeding and GIS (Gastrointestinal System) Diseases
  7. Renal and Respiratory Disorders
  8. Salivary Gland and Neuromuscular Diseases
  9. Oral Lesions
  10. Focal Infections
  11. Dental Anomalies
  12. Arthritides

Clinical Practices

  1. Intraoral Techniques: Bisecting Angle Technique, Parallel Angle Technique, Bitewing Radiography, Occlusal Radiography 
  2. Extraoral Technique: Panoramic Radiography
  3. Taking anamneses and clinical examination practices
  4. Radiographic Evaluation
  5. Drawing up a Treatment Plan
  6. Seminary