Faculty of Dentistry

Department’s Message

Paedodontics (Paediatric Dentistry) is the specialty which involves the preservation of primary and permanent teeth healthily in individuals from infancy to childhood and adolescence, prevention of various possible problems, and diagnosis and treatment of dental disorders and anomalies.

The department aims to equip the students with both theoretical courses and practical trainings, enabling them to have the skills to treat paediatric patients.

The Paedodontics clinic offers protective dentistry practices, restorative and endodontic treatments of decayed primary and permanent teeth, first intervention to oral-dental traumas, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, restorative and prosthetic treatments for teeth with developmental anomalies, and early treatment of malocclusions (preventive orthodontics). In addition, dental treatment under general anaesthesia or sedation for children with special needs and children who fail to collaborate adequately during their dental treatment is another treatment method offered by paedodontics.

Asst. Prof. Özge BEKTAŞ
Head of the Department of Paedodontics